THE GROUSOME DEATHS OF THE GREENSKEEPE tresspasing in the greenskeepers cabin is decapitated with garden shears

2. chip is beaten to death with a golf stick by the greenskeeper after being a pain in the...

3. the tennis teacher thinks hes gonna get some if u know what i mean when the greenskeeper pours needles into the solo 3000 golf player causing them to shoot into his head

4. muffy is the happiest person in the movie and thinks that she is gonna get lucky however she is pulled out of the tilet and impaled thru the neck on a coat hanger.

5. one of the main teens impaled on a golf ball cleaner

6. one of the marys who is stabbed with a garden shear she is later seen with half her face ripped off

7+8. christi taylor/mary jane and her bf are having sex when they are impaled with a huge cylinder which is pushed into his back and her chest while they struggle to scream it pushes further in causing a huge hole in his back and blood to gush all over there bodies

9.all he wanted is 2 get lucky when he id drownded and strangled with barbed wire

10.discovered with nails forced into her head and strapped to a tree graphicly

greenskeeper- bleeds to death after being impaled with an electric knife blood squirts ever

the real criminal- decapitated!