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The Greenskeeper is a 2002 horror/slasher film starring former Major League Baseball relief pitcher John Rocker as the titular character

In the film, several young adults hold a party at a golf course, but the revelers begin being killed 1 by 1 in unique and graphic ways by a deranged murderer dressed as a greenskeeper. there is a story that a man was burned alive and went around killing people who came near his cabin however could they be being stalked and killed by someone they know or trust. there chance to survive will be a challenge. 4 girls and 4 boys are the main teens battling it out to survive while others around the golf club are killed off without anyone noticing. rated r 18 for strong language,2 sex scenes,graphic bloody violence and gore!! once you see a pair of garden shears in the film you know someone is going to die however not everyones killed with garden shears.....

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