Mary-jane portrayed by christi taylor is one of the 3 hotties in the film who end up being killed. She is very pretty and has a good figure which she knows and likes to show. shes obviously a good swimmer and is not very different from the other 2 marys however she is not as bitchy. she and her boyfriend seem to get along alot. overall her character is sexy intelligent,funny and the last mary to be killed presumebly [1]

The greenskeeper-there is not much known about him as there should be since nobody wants to course trouble even thinking of hiim may cause something horrible!!

mary-katherine portrayed by allison kulp is the main mans girlfriend who likes to be the centre of attention and sometimes it can seem like she is using him for money however there is a nice bubbly side that we hardly see the only time she is quite is when she is killed. she obviously likes a bit of a bitch talk about elena who is fancied by many of there male friends overall she is a alcholol lover a swimmer a sexy and bitchy girl who likes to get things her way.

stu-portrayed by patrick donavon is the lifegaurd at the golf centre and is a very close friend to the other teens.he is an average american teen who is so corny and wants to get laid. he is one of the more active male teens in the film but is the first of the main teens to die TECHNICLY. He is funny random and apparently loves to lick butt lol